Omega Watches- Elegance for Many Years

Omega has been making watches since 1848, and the company holds a number of very unique distinctions. For example, did you know that the very first watch on the moon was an Omega watch? Omega was also the first official timekeeper for the famed Olympic Games. Until the late 1960′s, Omega was the biggest name […]

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Finding the Best Looking Rolex Sport Watch

Chances are, you are very familiar with the Rolex brand and its role as a status and luxury symbol. Of course, what you may or may not have realized is that Rolex makes some of the best sport watches on the planet. Rolex has been an innovator in wristwatches for more than a century, and […]

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The Different Types of Gold for Jewelry

How much do you know about the gold in your jewelry? Odds are you know that it is a certain karat rating, and that 24K is the best, but do you know what that really means? If you own much gold jewelry, are thinking about investing in it or selling what you have, you should. […]

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The Privilege of Owning a Rolex

Not all watches are created equal. Everyone knows this on some level – obviously, a cheap novelty children’s watch you purchase for a few dollars is not going to be the same quality as a properly made dress watch. But how much do brands really mean? While it can be tempting to go for relatively […]

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Ring, bracelet and necklace isolated on black

Steps to Take Before Selling Diamond Jewelry

There are plenty of reasons you might be looking to sell your diamond jewelry. It may no longer have the value it once did, or you may have inherited it from someone you didn’t have a strong relationship with. Perhaps you purchased it in a better financial situation and now want to get some of […]

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Mixing Stones in Diamond Jewelry

For some occasions, like weddings, diamonds are so deeply traditional that it can almost seem like an offense not to get them. Other times, it may not be so much the occasion as the impact you want the item to have. Diamonds, more than any other gems are a sign of prestige and of real […]

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Keep Your Gold Jewelry Sparkling

You love the gold jewelry that you own, but you need to make sure it stays clean and sparkling. When you take proper care of it, you can actually ensure that it lasts a lifetime. Even though gold might be durable, it is possible to scratch and mar it, and it is possible for it […]

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Photo of a Diamond Tennis Bracelet

How to Buy Diamond Jewelry for Someone Special

When you have someone special in your life, you want to let him or her know how you feel. One of the best ways to do that is with a piece of beautiful diamond jewelry. Of course, those who have little experience when it comes to these things will find that buying can be a […]

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History of the Breitling Watch Company

If you are thinking about getting a Breitling luxury watch, it is a good idea to learn a bit about the history of the brand first. As with so many companies that make fine watches, they are a Swiss brand founded all the way back in 1884 by Leon Breitling. The company has a number […]

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Care and Maintenance of a Rolex Watch

Rolex watches have a great reputation when it comes to precision, aesthetics, style, and durability. They are some of the nicest watches in the world, without a doubt. Of course, this also means that those watches come with a high price attached to them. If you buy one of these watches, you certainly want to […]

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