How Do I Find The Value Of My Gold?

valuing gold jewelry, valuing gold coins

How much is it worth?

That’s the question with any kind of gold jewelry especially if you’re looking to sell the gold.

First, if you want an accurate estimate of value for any gold, you have to look to an expert.  The suggestions given in this article will only give you general values of the gold.  Only an expert will be able to give you an exact valuation, well, as exact as it could be.

1. Find the karat number on your gold.  Most gold should have some label of the karat value of your gold.  Karat means purity, and 24k is the highest it could be (nearly 99% pure gold).  Other common numbers are 18k and 12k which means if it’s 18karat gold then it’s 18 parts gold and 6 parts another metal.  Twelve karat gold would be half and half.  Zero is well, no gold at all.

2. Find the rarity of the item you have.  Taking the karat number into consideration, the next step should be finding out whether or not the coin or piece of jewelry is actually part of a collection, when it was made, if the collection still exists, etc.  This could raise the value of your jewelry substantially if the shape or mold of it is part of a signature line that sells.

Coins are even more relevant to this valuation.  A gold coin that is rare or special in some way will be worth more than the gold that it’s made of.

3. The weight of the gold itself.  It’s a little different than how much gold it is, at least when it comes to size.  Weight is the measuring factor with gold, so an 18k necklace (with 6 parts other metals) will weigh less than a 24k gold necklace, and one way to tell is by weight.  Having a scale is, of course, necessary to do this.

Once you have the karat number and the weight in ounces, then check the price of gold on the market.

Taking these steps will give you a general idea of what the value of your jewelry or scrap gold is worth.  Again, if you want to sell the gold or get a more accurate estimate of its value, then stop by Walnut Gold & Silver today, or contact us now.