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A Brief History of Coins in the Roman Empire

The earliest Roman coins were lumps of raw bronze. Right around the third century BC, metal coins took on a uniform shape, though that shape was rectangular, not circular. These early coins were also the first to be stamped with raised designs. They were called Aes Signatum, which means, “signed bronze.” The problem with this […]

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How To Clean Grimy Coins

Believe it or not, in most cases, cleaning a coin can actually decrease its value. So, if you’re cleaning a coin in order to increase its value, then you might want to rethink that decision. However, there are other reasons to clean coins, and it can be done very effectively using a number of different […]

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Rare Coins: The $20 Saint-Gaudens

President Theodore Roosevelt really admired the artistry of Greek coinage. In fact, it is said that during one of his visits to the Smithsonian that he remarked about how bland American coinage was by comparison. After he made that observation, he launched new designs for the whole slate of American coins. One of those newly […]

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An Introduction to Coin Grading

As a matter of course, it is probably best to introduce you to the concept of coin grading by describing its overall purpose. First of all, the same kind of coin, produced in the same year, at the same mint, might not be struck as well as the other coins in that run. Furthermore, as […]

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The Most Valuable Quarter From the Past Ten Years

We handle change every day but do we think of those jangling coins as being worth more than their face value? Coins older than 50 years should always be considered for valuation, but what about the ones from the past 10, 20, or 30 years? Well, the most valuable coin that has the highest chance […]

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How Do I Find The Value Of My Gold?

How much is it worth? That’s the question with any kind of gold jewelry especially if you’re looking to sell the gold. First, if you want an accurate estimate of value for any gold, you have to look to an expert.  The suggestions given in this article will only give you general values of the […]

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