Care and Maintenance of a Rolex Watch

Rolex watches have a great reputation when it comes to precision, aesthetics, style, and durability. They are some of the nicest watches in the world, without a doubt. Of course, this also means that those watches come with a high price attached to them. If you buy one of these watches, you certainly want to take great care of it so you can be sure it will last a lifetime. You want to treat it like a treasure because that’s exactly what it is! Fortunately, it is not overly difficult for you to take care of one of these watches.


Wear the Watch

Some people buy one of these watches and then they never wear it, fearing they are going to damage it or thinking they should not wear it every day. While you do not have to put the Rolex watch on daily for work, wearing it at least once or twice a week is actually good for the watch. It will ensure that the movement has enough lubricants in it to keep it working properly. If you do not wear it regularly and keep those movements going, they could actually cause friction, which could damage the movement.


Keep It Clean

Over time, you will find that the watch needs to have some cleaning. Dirt and oils from the body can accumulate on the watch, particularly between the links of the bracelet. This will distract from the beauty of the Rolex, so you will want to keep it nice and clean. You also want to make sure that you do not damage the watch during the cleaning.

The first, and one of the most important steps, is to screw the winding crown into the case to ensure no water gets inside. Use some lukewarm water to rinse off the watch. Place the watch in bowl of water and soap. Use lukewarm water again and have mild soap that does not have any ammonia in it. You can use your hands to scrub off the dirt and grime. Just remember to be gentle. A soft brush can be helpful for getting in between the links on the bracelet. When it is clean, use a clean and soft lint-free cloth to pat the watch dry. You can use a hair dryer on a cool setting to dry between the links of the watch.


Dealing with Scratches

The Rolex is a durable watch, but that does not mean it will be immune to scratches. These scratches can detract from the beauty of the watch though, and you need to remove them if you can. By polishing the watch and bracelet about once every month or so, you can greatly reduce the appearance of minor scratches. This helps to keep the watch looking brand new. Use a professional polishing cloth and solution for this, and you will see better results. Many watch and jewelry companies will have these for sale. You can also find them online.

Make sure you only use the polish on the polished surface of the bracelet. Using it on the brushed finish could actually damage it. Some owners actually use a cotton swab to polish because they have more control over it and will not accidentally polish the finish. If the Rolex has severe scratches you want to restore, your best option is to see a professional who will be able to let you know whether repair is possible.


Winding the Watch

If you have to wind up the watch, make sure you do not do it while it is on your wrist. Take it off first. Also, when you find it not moving, do not shake the Rolex. Wind it and wait for it to start. You do not have to worry about over-winding the watches, as they have mechanisms that prevent over-winding.

These simple tips should help you keep your watch in wonderful working order for many years to come.