Finding the Best Looking Rolex Sport Watch

Chances are, you are very familiar with the Rolex brand and its role as a status and luxury symbol. Of course, what you may or may not have realized is that Rolex makes some of the best sport watches on the planet. Rolex has been an innovator in wristwatches for more than a century, and has played a role in major athletic and exploration feats for just as long. Therefore, a Rolex timepiece can look great, exude style and status, and provide the functionality you need from a sport watch. Here is a guide to finding the best-looking Rolex sport watch for you.

When looking for a Rolex sport watch, there will be no shortage of options. One of the most important factors will be deciding what you are looking to accomplish functionally, in addition to overall style. The Rolex Submariner has a long history as the perfect watch for divers (as well as for James Bond), and is noted for its ability to be worn by just about anyone in nearly any situation. If you are looking for a classic timepiece that offers a sophisticated look, it is hard to go wrong with a Submariner

As the name would indicate, racing inspired the Rolex Daytona series, one of the most popular and highly collectible series. The series was first manufactured in the 1960s, with a second edition coming in the late 1980s and continuing to 2000. The actor Paul Newman is often connected to this style of watch, and was known to have worn one often.

If you prefer a more modern look, the Milgauss is a great looking option. With the choice of either a white or black face, as well as a unique orange second hand included in the most recent models, the Milgauss is quite popular. Regardless of your preferred style, you will be able to find a great looking Rolex sports watch to meet your needs and desires.