Omega Watches- Elegance for Many Years


Omega has been making watches since 1848, and the company holds a number of very unique distinctions. For example, did you know that the very first watch on the moon was an Omega watch? Omega was also the first official timekeeper for the famed Olympic Games. Until the late 1960′s, Omega was the biggest name in the watch world. Then came quartz watches, which didn’t need winding, and the Omega brand started to see a significant decline in sales. They decided to jump on the quartz bandwagon, which ultimately caused their image to change from that of a high-end luxury watch company to something similar to what everyone else had to offer.

Thankfully, Omega saw the error of its ways and decided to do everything possible to restore their image as a true maker of luxury watches. In the 1990′s, Omega acquired the rights to a prototype escapement that did not require lubrication to keep the gear wheels of the watch running smoothly that was first unveiled in the 1999 Omega De Ville. The watch kept time perfectly and helped put Omega back on top in the watch game.

Of course, while Omega watches were finally again drawing the interest of collectors, their image was still tarnished for the average buyer. To help rectify this, the company enlisted the help of supermodel Cindy Crawford. She became a celebrity ambassador for the brand, helping to revitalize its popularity with the average luxury watch buyer. Crawford was not the only celebrity brought in to represent Omega, James Bond himself, Mr. Sean Connery, has also been a spokesperson for Omega. In fact, the company still uses celebrity endorsements, including the famed George Clooney.

Omega now operates some 100 flagship stores around the world. Their website is equally popular, bringing in some 35k hits every single day. In the last year alone, Omega has opened 23 stores here in the US, helping to show that they have come a long way since their brief downfall. Omega watches are once again considered to be near the pinnacle when it comes to luxury watch brands, and with good reason. The company works hard to achieve luxury without giving off the air of snobbery that makes the watches feel unreachable by the general public. This perfect combination of style, sophistication, and accessibility is a large part of what helped put Omega back on the top of the market.