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Rare coins, old coins, silver coins and gold coins.


Quarters, dimes, half-dollars, pennies, nickels, and one dollar pieces are all on the table and open to be sold.


This means any coin that you’d expect to be over more than regular face value (probably older than the past four decades).


If it’s a quarter that is probably worth more than just a quarter because it was made when they were all silver (1964 and before).  Coins minted before the 1960s have particularly high value for resale.


Did you stumble upon a collection of proof sets or old coins and just want to know the basic value of them?  We’d be happy to sort through your collection and give you an estimate amount for resale.  Our array and knowledge is unmatched, and if it’s been at any time U.S. coin currency, then it’s worth something to us.


Did you once collect coins and have a collection that you’d like to value and sell?  Bring it on by and we’ll take a look and tell you how much it’s worth.  We love to see new and interesting coins people are collecting, and we always give top dollar for our purchases.


Walnut Gold & Silver are the Dallas coin dealers that pay back top money for old, rare, and mint condition coins in any condition (mint, uncirculated, fine, plus, or good).


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