Dallas Coin Buyer

Dallas Coin Buyers Seek Peace Dollar

Have you come across a Peace Dollar from the 1920′s, a Walking Liberty Half Dollar from the 1930′s, a Mercury Dime from the 1940′s, a Liberty Nickel from the 1890′s, or even an Indian Head cent from the 1860′s?

In business since 1980, Walnut Gold and Silver is a premier coin buyer in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. We maintain one of the largest rare coin inventories throughout the DFW Metroplex, if not Texas. We buy, sell, and trade U.S. and foreign coins, and even ancient coins,  all at very competitive prices. 

We have expert coin assesors on staff that can value your coins, if your wondering if you may have found a rare coin in an old change jar, attic, or estate sale. Our experts will give your a fair market value assesment on your finds.

We buy a very wide variety of coins including the:

  • 1943 Copper Penny
  • 1982 “No P” Dime
  • 1955 Double Die Penny
  • 2001-P Double Struck New York Quarter
  • 1965 Silver Dime
  • 1984 & 1997 Lincoln Cent Double Ear
  • 2004-D Wisconsin State Quarter With Extra Leaf
  • 1998, 1999, and 2000 Lincoln Cent Wide “AM” Reverse

Come out and visit our Dallas coin buyers and see what your collection is worth.