Old or Rare Coins

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The average person handles coins everyday when they pay with cash.  The next time you pick up a handful of change from a cashier, look at the date and type of coin you’re getting.  You’d be surprised what you’d find.


Did you know that completely silver coins ceased to be made after 1965 in the US?


That means if you have any coins from that date or older, you have in your possession a limited edition coin.


Or have you inherited an estate and found a pile of coins left behind that you’re unsure of its value?  Bring it in and our expert assessors at Walnut Gold & Silver will take a look and give you the value of the coins.


Do you have a collection that’s been gathering dust and you’re wondering how much value it’s gained in the past few years?


Walnut Gold & Silver buys old and rare coins.  If you have any set of old or rare coins and are looking to value them or sell them, stop by and Walnut Gold & Silver would love to sit down and give you a fair price and a precise valuation of your coins.


Also, if you’re the seasoned coin collector and need a reliable and dependable shop in Dallas and the surrounding cities to value a set of coins, then Walnut Gold & Silver should be your first stop in the area.


Contact us now or visit our shop for more details on buying and selling your old and rare coins.