Sell Your Gold

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Gold is possibly the most precious metal in the world.  Certainly throughout history it’s been the pinnacle of wealth and status.  The more gold, the more value and wealth.  It’s known for its shine, its malleability, and its precious hold in civilization.


What’s it worth to you?


As of today the market says an ounce of gold goes for $1,636.86.


One hundred years ago it went for $18.


Fifty years ago it was $35.


Do you see where this is going?


Gold bought a long time ago can be sold for astronomically higher prices today, meaning a massive profit from what was once paid for it years ago.


Have you inherited a set of gold jewelry, bars, rings, or coins and aren’t sure of their value?  They’re worth more now than ever have, which makes it opportune and smart to sell back gold you’re willing to part with for immediate liquidity.


If you aren’t sure of the price of gold (and it’s virtually changing every day), stopping by the shop of an expert will help advance your cause.


Whether you’ve stumbled on a set of gold jewelry or even bars of gold you aren’t sure the value of, Walnut Gold & Silver should be the first visit for you if you’re close to Dallas and the DFW area.


Walnut Gold & Silver has been in the Dallas area for years, and has become a hub for selling gold.  Walnut buys several kinds of gold:


  • Gold rings
  • Gold jewelry
  • Dental Gold
  • Gold bars
  • And many others


Stop by our shop today or contact us to see how you can get started on selling your gold.