Diamond Jewelry

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DIamonds are one of the most precious stones in the entire world.  Distinct from precious metals like gold and silver, diamonds are a rock, but a very precious rock.


The diamond has the reputation of being forever, and a woman’s best friend.  Made out of carbon, they’re one of the hardest stones on earth.  Also, if you happened to be born in April, guess what?  Diamonds are your birthstone.


People give diamonds as a sign of love and fidelity, for weddings, engagements, and other long anniversaries (the gemstone for 10th and 60th anniversaries).  People inherit them from relatives in times of passing or in transitions in life.


So, if you’ve stumbled upon a set of diamond jewelry and are wondering what it’s worth,   Walnut Gold & Silver is a first stop place for valuation of sets of diamond jewelry.


You may have been told what a diamond ring or necklace is worth, but an untrained eye cannot give an accurate assessment of the value of a diamond because they’re hardly left by themselves (meaning they’re attached to a band or grouped with other diamonds).  This is why a trained and up-to-date assessor is required for the job.


Walnut Gold & Silver is also the first place to visit for selling back any diamond jewelry.


This includes:


  • DIamond Bracelets
  • Anniversary Rings
  • Diamond Drop Earrings
  • Diamond Stud Earrings Set in Platinum and Gold
  • Wedding Rings
  • And many others


So if you’re looking at a piece of diamond jewelry and want a fair selling price on it, stop by Walnut Gold & Silver located in Dallas, TX for the best the DFW has to offer in buying back diamonds and diamond jewelry.