Sell Your Diamond Jewelry

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For the DFW area, Walnut Gold & Silver brings the top prices for resold wedding rings, engagement rings, and any other diamond jewelry.


So you’ve got that box of jewelry you haven’t looked through in years.  You hear relatives talk about how much it’s all worth.  Do you ever wonder where you would take such a thing?


If it’s something you’re considering to sell, then why not take it to a proper place to get a good price on your diamond jewelry?


Diamond jewelry, unlike other valuables that can be sold, don’t shift in change in price as much.  This means waiting isn’t to your advantage.  Collect it and bring it in for an appraisal and see where you can put that ring or diamond to some good use rather than collecting dust.


That’s what Walnut Gold & Silver located in the Dallas Metroplex wants to buy from you.  Only if you don’t want it, of course.  Or if you want to make a good bit of money selling it to a knowledgeable and fair buyer that will get you the most money back for you diamond jewelry.


The list could go on:

  • Diamonds of any size
  • Broken diamonds
  • Diamonds currently attached to other pieces of jewelry


In the other cases such as wedding rings and engagement rings, if it’s one you want to resell for a good price, then bring on by and we’ll give you a fair and generous estimate on what we’ll exchange for it.


Visit our store or contact us now and see how you can get started in reselling your Diamond jewelry.