Wedding & Engagement Rings

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Whether you have an engagement or wedding that because things didn’t work out, or a recent death in the family, something that can bring emotional resolution to either situation is being able to part with a wedding or engagement ring.


Wedding and engagement rings can be the most sentimental and valuable to a person, which makes parting with them the most emotionally fragile and charged situation.


Walnut Gold & Silver understands the circumstances that can surround either inheriting a wedding or engagement ring, or after a broken engagement or marriage, and we want to bring as much concern and car surrounding the sell back or valuation of a wedding or engagement ring.


Questions arise on how much a wedding or engagement ring is worth, especially since it’s nearly always given rather than us being the one who purchases it for ourselves.  Walnut Gold & Silver will give a fair and generous valuation on any wedding or engagement ring brought in.


If you’ve decided to sell back your engagement or wedding ring, then know Walnut Gold & Silver is one of the most trusted and reliable shops in Dallas and DFW metroplex for selling and buying wedding and engagement rings.


Stop by our shop anytime or contact us for more details on how to sell your wedding or engagement ring.