Gold Jewelry

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For many in Dallas and elsewhere, jewelry always means gold jewelry. There is a reason for the phrase “the gold standard.”  Between white gold jewelry and yellow gold jewelry, you have just about every look imaginable. You’ll see the  gold standard in all of our gold necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and gold rings. You’ll also find diamond rings in 14kt, 16kt, 18kt, 22kt and even white gold.

Our gold rings are a world of beauty, with every size, shape, cut and quality of diamond you could ever hope for. We have the gold engagement ring of your dreams, and to fit your budget as well.

Also, there are several areas to take into account when shopping for gold jewelry:

  • The first consideration is purity. 14k gold pieces are good choices when you expect the piece to stand up to daily wear, since they’re harder than purer karat designs, such as 22k gold. The  more luxurious alternative is 21 to 24k gold, which is purer, but is not as durable.
  • Another important consideration you might need to iron out is color. Rose gold adds a feminine touch to many items, including rings and charms, and tends to make a softer impression than yellow gold. White gold has become a more popular chose as of late, is a great choice for men, and more modern designs, mainly due to a classy and contemporary look.

If your looking for gold jewelry in the Dallas area, you can find the pieces that strike your fancy at Walnut Gold and Silver today.