We Buy Rolex Watches

Walnut Gold & Silver is an aggressive buyer of Rolex and other high end Swiss watches. Bring your watch in for a quick and honest appraisal and a firm cash offer.

Rolex has become to be associated with the utmost of fine watchmaking and timepieces. This reputation has been earned over time by producing great watches that stand the test of time, and hold their value. Many Rolexes are considered heirlooms, and can be passed down among generations. A Rolex is an asset in calm times and in tough.

Here are a few things that you should know regarding selling a Rolex:

1. What condition is it in?

Has your watch been serviced lately?  Are they any dings,  dents or scratches? The better the condition of your Rolex, the better the price that can be offered for it. This may sound obvious, but it often gets overlooked.

2. Do you have the “goodies?”

Do you have the box for the watch? Do you have the papers or other accessories? These items are hard to replicate, and add to the overall value of the watch. These are normally included when a watch is bought from and authorized dealer, and a genuine Rolex box can be worth a few hundred dollars.

3. Have there been any modifications to the watch?

Is the bezel original? Is the crystal the same quality of glass, if it has been replaced, or recoated? Has the dial been altered in any way? If it is a diamond bezel, are all the diamonds original? All of these modifications can change the value of your watch, and are important in selling your Rolex.

4. Know the Model Number of your Rolex

The model number can help you do research on the value of your watch, and tells important details about the watch.

5. Is the movement quartz or automatic?

An automatic movement is self winding, has been around for hundreds of years, included up to 300 internal parts in the movement, and is more intricate and valuable that a quartz movement. A quartz movement will been less servicing, can be more accurate in timekeeping, and is more recent technology. Quartz movements are less valuable then automatic, however, all other things being equal.

6. Beware auction sales

There may be hidden fees, such as a buyers or sellers commission. This may also include insurance, and other fees. Also, depending on if there is a reserve price, or no reserve, the watch may not sell if the reserve is not met, or for a very low price.

When it comes time, and you are searching “Sell my Rolex watch” online, looking for advice and local Dallas watch-buyers, consider Dallas Watch & Diamonds to be fair and honest.